Friday, 10 May 2013

How did  i use my inspiration?

(Using my blog post from 30th march 2013)

I used the look and style of these to get my final magazine to look like a real Hip-Hop magazine with a minimal look. For example the on the covers shown some have strap lines above the mastheads which relate to that magazine and i used this to my advantage when trying to attract my target audience. Also i used the style of smart clothing and black and white together to make the magazine fell worth the price. Also doing this meant that i could keep my ties having a fashion section within the music magazine. Finally as shown on Vibe and Clash there is only one headline that stands out to the reader which gives the Hip-Hop/minimal look that I was going for throughout.
Here i have mainly gone for the look of The Fader magazine contents page as it is minimal and worked well with my images. However i did take strong inspiration from other, for example my draft was similar to the vibe ones and had an appealing look with the layout but did not contain enough textual information.
The double page spread of my magazine has a very Hip-Hop feel about and has the language and colour pallet to make it feel very real. I wanted it to look like it could fit into almost any magazine and I think that i have done that. One thing i have taken from the 'Over here hustlin'' article is the use of a bold heading to grab attention, then i also used the quote like in Q and a different text colour like the bold in the Vibe Usher article for my interview questions. Finally i feel the Wiz Khalifa article has used it question 'How High?' to attract the audience well and so i used the idea at the start of my text.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Note to examiner


Thanks for taking time to look at my blog and go through my preliminary task, research and planning, product and evaluation. I hope that i have improved greatly since the start of the course.

Jack gogerty.

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evaluation question 3

What kind of media institution might distribute “Label”?
My magazine will have its own printing/publishing company that will produce it monthly. The magazine will be made available in stores and will only be printed for certain places. It can also be accessed online and as an app via the app store, Google play store or amazon marketplace. Stores used as stockists of the magazine would be stores such as large supermarkets with dedicated magazine isles and specific music shops. Other places such as fashion stores could stock the product but only if they request it. Online advertising is how i would to get it first know on clothing sites and the likes of. App will be as a subscription service of roughly £40.00 a year subscription plus special issues free. Each monthly issue will be £4.00 and contain the glossy mag with a spine and pages glued in to make worth the money. It will be a high end magazine with 100+ pages inside and a special issue every 6 months that is costing £8.00. Other advertising would include it being advertised via social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook pages. [From blog]

I got the idea above from other similar magazines such as vibe who also publish the magazines they sell themselves.

Also it can be distributed digitally via online stores for music and/or fashion and through the magazines own website. Another place that I would think it would be distributed is on app stores on a variety of platforms so that anyone can access it on the go. This fits in with my target market as they would be a majority of young males that will use mobile phones endlessly and always be online searching for upcoming music and clothing. Therefore i think thatthe decision to distribute a magazine like mine without a company is safe as not a lot need printing and so on like they would if it was a magazine aiming ata different audience.

Alsoi feelthatthis gives me the freedom to make the magazine more individual and unique than if i were to advertise and distribute it under a larger company. For exampleit will be completely designed and edited inside the business allowing for bigger risks to be taken in terms of paper style and colour.